About Me.

.... (awkward silence)

(Describing yourself has got to be the hardest in the world, I mean, seriously)

Well, I guess we'll start with the basics. My names Ruth Alvarez. Feel free to play around with that name if you like, everyone else does. I don't mind.. unless... it's Ruff. (I'll punch you, virtually, of course) 

I guess I can tell you about the origin of my blog name. The first time I ever heard someone refer me as Ruthless was in my grade 10 English class. I had an Irish teacher (if there is one thing about me you SHOULD know, it's that I am a lover of accents. It's a serious deal.) and one day we were having a debate and I barely spoke up during debates because I often agreed with the general opinion but this particular day, during this particular debate, I didn't agree. I decided to raise my hand and say what I thought. And that is when he told me that I was ruthless. And it stuck. So, yes, you can call me ruthless and I will answer you! 

I'm as single as someone could be. For a long time I felt like I was obsessed with the idea of marriage. But this year, I've decided to take some time to S T R A I G H T E N out my life. It was in shambles (a bit) for a while. And since I've turned the big TWO FOUR -- I felt like I needed to get it together. So... having had my mandatory mental break down and ten lb weight gain.. I'm ready to conquer life! 

So now I'm on the eat healthy(er), live healthy(er) train with small detours to ice cream and cake land. (It's my guilty pleasure, BACK OFF!) It's been going pretty well.. there are days where I want to jump off into burgerville but ultimately ... I want to do this for me. So junk food and I are on a break (up). 

The greatest thing about me is that Jesus loves me. I am a full time lover of Jesus Christ. If there is one thing I could accomplish through this blog it is to glorify God in all that I do. Nothing is more important than that. 

I love food, fashion, music, english accents on english boys, England, sunshine, thunderstorms, shoes, movies, superheroes, chocolate, laughing and making someone laugh, being weird and having an all around good time. 

Stick around. I want to get to know you!

                                                                                                                                                 . xx


  1. Haha, I love that you used "weird" to describe yourself! We all need a little weirdness in our lives from time to time. Or a lot. Which ever you prefer. ;) Love the blog, girlie!

  2. Hi Nicole! Just stopping by from the life of a not so ordinary wife's GFC blog hop. I am now a new follower of yours and sm looking forward to reading more of your blog'

  3. haha. the word you would use to describe yourself is the same I would use…lol

  4. Heeeeey Ruth!!! I just found your blog!!! My name is Mary and i'm a blogger from ClassicMaryMoments.blogspot.com I have a WHOLE singles section you may enjoy reading!!! http://classicmarymoments.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html


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